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To Be With Me

He’s Yellow and I am Green
But he wants to be Green
Because I’m Green
I find it sweet
He wants to be like me
But he doesn’t need to
Sacrifice him to be with me

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I think I wrote you into being
Or maybe it’s all my imagination
That I find you in every inspiring word
And every heart felt line
I’ve written
Even all the ones I wrote before
I ever met you
If you don’t believe me
Take a walk through my writings
See how much of you you find
When you’re finish with your findings
Tell me of your discoveries
Do you now see clearer
How much of you is in me
We’ve always been connected
And connected always we will be

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In Your Endless Supply

I’m just a river
In the valley low
Hitting rocks
And rock bottoms
As I flow down stream
Tryng to get closer to you
But, you’re an ocean deep
And we’re worlds apart
Still that won’t deter me
From flowing to you
For in you
I find a safe place
I can call home
Will you welcome me in
With a kiss
On the forehead
And allow me to create
Waves mountain high
In your endless supply
Of what nourishes me

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This Is For You

This is for you
For you who provide relief
A safe place to rest
When life’s one crumbling mess
This is for you
For you who inspires
Who shine like rainbows
When life storms hit in rows
This is for you
For you who offer a song
A melody that soothes
What pains the soul
This is for you
For you who have nothing
Tangible to offer
But showed up nonetheless
Your gift is priceless
It says we’re in the same boat
I’m offering you companionship
A friend to ride out the storm
So you’re no longer alone
So this is for you
Just because you showed up
You gave what was needed most

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I’ll Keep You Dear

I can write you a thousand poems
If you need it to feel special
But, none will truly tell
How sacred I hold you dear
For it’s within my heart where I feel
It’s most safe to keep you dear
So, though write I write
And, write I will continue to write
I’ll never write how dear you’re to me
Not because you’re not so dear
It’s just impossible to write you dear
On pages in a poem where you’ll be read
Like all the others before you
When you’re so much more than a poem to me
You’re sacred, and belong in a sacred place
So in my heart I’ll keep you dear

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Rest In Peace Fear

She mulled over the possibilities
Of facing her greatest fear
That have long created monsters
Angels and demons that haunts her soul
These buried emotions
Will surely leave one undone
But, she’s not done digging
The damage already done
It’s time for some fun
With these ghost that haunts
Not time to run
It’s rivival time – party time
Let’s have some fun
With these demons in the Sun
The light will surely do some good
For in the light, they aren’t so frightening
In the light, they are neither big nor bad
All those years spent riddled with fear
Created illusions of monsters and ghosts
That kept her in bondage and shackles
But monsters in the dark disappear in the light
Rest in peace fear

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Afraid To Be Seen

He’s afraid of what I can see
So he wants me to be scared to see
He worries about the unseen
Things of this world haunts him
Maybe he’s afraid I see him
Where he doesn’t want to be seen
For this makes him vulnerable
To always be seen
He can’t fake goodness
But I’m not seeking goodness
I’m seeking truth
This truth makes him fragile
But I’m gentle, I won’t break him
My aim is to cradle, where he’s most feeble