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Afraid To Be Seen

He’s afraid of what I can see
So he wants me to be scared to see
He worries about the unseen
Things of this world haunts him
Maybe he’s afraid I see him
Where he doesn’t want to be seen
For this makes him vulnerable
To always be seen
He can’t fake goodness
But I’m not seeking goodness
I’m seeking truth
This truth makes him fragile
But I’m gentle, I won’t break him
My aim is to cradle, where he’s most feeble

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Let Love Be Your Guide

Round and round
The grey clouds twirl
Confused you should be
Lost you should feel
But with love as your guide
You always shine through
The fear mongering
Despair lingering
Hopeless feeling

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Deep Down Inside

You write pretty, I write my truth
It may not be pretty
But could it also be your truth
Wrapped in ordinary wrappings
No fancy bows or eloborate coverings
Just the simple truth
We all feel deep down inside

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It’s Not Magic, You Earned It

You said you’re a winner
Accept your winnings
It’s not sinning
So smile at your blessings
Beginner’s luck
So they guessing
But you know better
It’s been in the making
For years you been singing
I’m a winner
Now it’s your time to win
Don’t second guess it — get it
It’s not sinning to be winning
Throw the doubts in the bin
And dump it
This is only the beginning
Greater is still coming
So start accepting the offerings
Like you accepted the suffering
They go hand in hand
It’s not magic, you earned it

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The Human Experience

I am
Me out to you
Can’t you feel
My pain
Can’t you see
I’m hurting
Can’t you hear
Lonesome tear drops
How they fall
On deaf ears
No one care
To hear
Of horrors
No one wants
To share
Your sorrows
It’s your cross
Not theirs to bear
So don’t ask for favors
In the midst of your trials
Face the terrors
That lurk in the shadows
Then accept and forgive
These human errors
It’s all part of
The human experience

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The Appointed Time

I don’t want anyone
But the promised one
If he doesn’t show up
Then no one will
I’ve already gone too far
For anyone to reach me
So I am waiting
On the promised one
I know, he’s the only one
Who will find me here
In the valley
On holy grounds
For he’s the anointed one
He’ll be here
At the appointed time
So I’ll keep waiting
On holy grounds
For the promised one
He’s the anointed one
Who will find me here
At the appointed time

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To deny my feelings a space to be free
And come unhinged
Is pure insanity
So I reserve a space
For them to roam
To wander, and unravel
To run, and let loose
Across pages upon pages
Making up ground for time spent caged
Like leopards in the wilderness
Here they free to be
To growl, to purr
This is how it supposed to be
Not muzzled, tamed or confined