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To deny darkness
Is to deny light
From this obscurity
Life is formed
Darkness was never
Meant to be denied
But be explored
We’re both dark and light
Though some embrace
One more than the other
None will be denied

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Your Goodness

You know my heart
You know my ways
You know how
Fragile I am
But that
Never stop you
From putting me
Through it
Well, I know your heart
I know your ways
I know how
Good you are
And each time
You put me through it
You’ll pull me out of it
So I’ve no doubt
I’ve no fear
I’ve learned to trust
Your Goodness

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You're Loved

Deeper than the Challenger deep
Higher than Mount Everest peak
You take me to the extreme
For you’re more precious
Than a goodnight sleep
More valuable
Than the breath you take
That’s what you are to me
So don’t question
How deep or how much
If you can’t see, then feel
My love sweep over your soul
Freeing you of past heartbreaks
Picking up the splinters
So as not to miss a broken piece
All while keeping you safe in love embrace
I’m here to stay, I’m here for the keep
So stop the doubting and your weeping

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When You Carry The Light

As I travelled alone through the dense night
What started out with a panic
Slowly vanished
I thought I possessed magic
For nothing happened that was tragic
All that anxiety was all for nothing
If I knew from the start there was nothing to fear
When you carry the light
I would’ve made the best of the night
Instead of praying for daylight

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Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Love is the flower that bloom in the Spring
Then wither away as Autumn draws near
So we never take its sweetness for granted
But, bask in its warmth and savor its beauty

Love is the bird flying high
Free from attachment, enjoying the flight
This is the way to truly love
Be in the moment, and out of sight

Love is the butterfly we admire so dear
We all know its story
And its journey to get here
Something so beautiful wasn’t born this way

Love is many things, but always a beautiful thing
Never to be abused or taken for granted
It comes in seasons, with highs and lows
So treasure these moments on your journey home

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Never Meant To Last

Sad is the Dark Cloud
Floating with an heavy heart
Happy is the Sunshine
That shares the brightest light
Grateful is the Rainbow
That survived the wicked storm
At peace is the Person
Who doesn’t fight the weather
But accept each moment
As it comes
Knowing moods like weather
Are temporary
Never meant to last.

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Cheap Talk

They say words are just words and talk is so cheap
But your words are reckless
With intent to harm
So I can’t afford your cheap talks
Those cheap talks been costly
And eventhough it’s your words
And I shouldn’t take it personally
Well your words penetrate
Like a sword through the flesh
So when you’re left talking
And, no one cares to listen
It’s for you to feel
The weight of your words
When you’ve no one left listening
To bear the brunt of your words
I guess talks aren’t so cheap
And words aren’t just words
When you’re finally paying a price